Friday, November 10, 2006

The Nutritionist: Part 2

Went to the nutrionist yesterday, and I must say I was pretty impressed! Bottom line: reduce the carb's, increase the protein, and increase the fat. Less pasta, bread, etc. More meat - I was surprised that I should be eating 4-6oz at lunch and dinner. Couple eggs each morning too.

Interesting discussion around One Step, this is the supplement that Eddie recommended. She was pretty impressed with the stuff in it. The one problem for me with it is the soy: I may have some kind of food allergy to soy.

Pretty funny at one point: Kathy thought she'd ambush me, "hey, you should see how much butter he puts on his toast!!" "That's okay" was the word back!

Got two supplements: Natura Vital Adapt and a power called Pro-PNC. The later for the training. Bunch of solid advice, go do this for a month and check back in.
Can't wait to see how this works out.

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