Thursday, January 25, 2007

The good and the bad

The bad news: what a month of sickness. Wake up one day with a nasty fever and chills. Next day got this strange red spot on my ankle that starts to swell. Go to the Dr. and he gives me drugs, says it's Cellulitus - a deep skin infection. Next day it's worse and am told to go to the ER - get an IV and stronger drugs. Next day it's not going away and back to the ER. Get stronger drugs. Finally starts to heal. I spend the week resting and healing. Then comes the allergic reaction to one of the drugs: hives all over. Spend another couple days getting over that. When all is said and done three weeks have gone by. Right in the middle of race season!! It really stinks that all the races up to this point have been cancelled due to weather. So between being sick and no snow I don’t think I’m going to accumulate enough points to go to the Empire State Games.

The good news is - despite all the whining by some people down south ;-) - we got snow! Glorious snow! Went for a ski on Sunday - had to use the rock skis - twigs and stones showing here and there. First ski of the season is always tricky - trying to get the balance thing down. But it was skiing!! With three weeks of non-activity I'm struggling. Tuesday ran 1.5 mile and felt okay but not great. Yesterday did a 30min ski and that felt good. Got a race on Sat. at Osceola. I think this will be more of a training outing rather than a race.