Thursday, March 30, 2006


It was 65 degrees today - as long as I've lived in central NY (about 45 years) it will never cease to amaze me - that first day when it's sunny and warm. What could be better? A winter full of snow and skiing, then have a 65/sunny day! It's like Christmas every spring!

So I grabbed my rollerski stuff and went out. 'Grab' is probably the wrong word. Over the past week I've had to hunt down my stuff. Couldn't find the road ski pole tips. I had bought a pair of V2 roller skis with pneumatic tires (they have inner tubes). Found out that two wheels had flats and I had just one spare tube. Put that in. Ordered another set from High Peaks Cyclery. These guys rock - had new tubes the next day. Ordered the wrong size. Found the tips, but couldn't find my Toko poles. Turns out I left the poles at Osceola - *gasp*. Coordinated with a few folks and found out Russ was going up that way - *whew*. Tried putting tips on my Swix poles - too small. Found another pair ... and on it goes. Finally got my rollski’s, poles, helmet and boots into the car.

Yesterday during lunch went down to Onondaga Lake park and went for a spin. Not putting on a sweat shirt felt very strange. Could have even put on shorts, but just couldn't do that yet! I felt pretty shakey - haven't done much in the way of working out in the past month with being sick and all. But it felt good! I'll probably get more skiing this summer than I did this past winter!

Who knows that weather the next couple weeks will bring, but today, life is good.