Saturday, September 10, 2005

First Mountain Bike Outing

We like to read about nephew Eddie and Namrita's mountain biking adventures. For them, fun is riding in 24 races. 24hrs ?!?! I mean, what do YOU do for 24 straight, let alone ride a bike in the hills??

So the boys have bikes and I don't. That's not fair so I go to the bike man in the University Area on Comstock - this guy picks up junk bikes and gives them a second life. He fixes me up with a $50 special and I'm good to go.

It's a mountain bike so we need to go find something in the 'mountains'. So we - David and Joshua - head south to Labrador Pond where theres a dirt road going up Jones Hill to a hang glider launch. The dirt road starts on Rt 91 near where there's a trail back to Tinker Falls. The first part of the road was very steep and we had to push.

After about a mile of pushing we're able to jump on and ride. The view from the launch is really worth the effort. We find two families there eating a picnic - great place for a picnic! I remembered that there's a geocache up here. So I take a stroll in the woods. No compass, no GPS, so the chances are small of finding it. The woods don't have a lot of features (rocks, piles of logs, etc) so I figure maybe we can find it. I tell the guys of my plan and they spread out. Before I know it David yells he's found it. Sure enough in the hollow of a stump there's the cache! I go over to the families and ask them if they've ever heard of geocaching. Nope, but after I explain about GPS's, the web sites, etc. you can see the two guys wheels turning - high tech, the woods - what's not to like! Turns out the two families live right down the road from us!

We saddle up and head back down. My crazed sons decide how fast they can go and quickly leave me in the dust. I really like this mountain biking thing! Great exercise for skiing, time with the kids, in the great out doors - what's not to like!