Sunday, May 04, 2008

Training Begins

Winter biathlon season is over and it's time to start the training cycle all over again. I've got about a month worth of work is and feel like I'm starting all over - huffing and puffing the runs, the roller skiiing feels unstable. This is fustrating. Was hoping that I'd be building on last summers progress, but think I lost a lot this past winter with a string of illness. Hope this gets better....

Did get a new piece of equipment that should be interesting. Got a Garmin Forerunner 305 heart rate monitor. This baby is actually a GPS and will record pace, distance and heart rate. I can then down load to work out to the computer and see how heart rate fluxed over the workout. I can also develop workouts and have the watch tell me when I'm in or out of heart rate zones. The first week was funny since I had got the zones setup right - it was like having someone yelling at me to go faster or slower - all at the wrong times!

Did help to take down the biathlon targets from the winter so they can be moved from the tug hill to Pratt's Falls for the summer races. We did some shooting and that felt good.