Saturday, November 11, 2006

Bike + GPS = Fun!

Days for biking in CNY are growing short, so when Kathy asked me to take Jonathan to soccer, I jumped at the chance. Soccer is over in Pompey which has got some great biking options. I decided that this trip I'd see if I could find some geocaches. There are four in this area and I thought I'd see how many I could find by bike.

The first was within .25 miles of the soccer fields. In the Pompey cemetery, this cache has got an amazing view. I'd only been around that area at night.

The second was more of a hike. The challenge with starting at Pompey is that everything is *big* downhill! This cache was at the place called Old Fly Marsh. About a 2 mile ride. I was interested to go here since one of the Scouts in the Troop I'm in did a project there to re-do some of the marsh board walks. I got there and had to bike in on trails about .25mile - what a beautiful place! Open hardwood forest, old growth ceaders and the marsh. Got to come back here.

Turn around and head back. Get to the soccer fields. Hmmm, do I have time to ride to Pratt's Falls to find a cache? Sure I do. This is farther and more down hill than I remember. Get there and find the cache. It's supposed to have 'geocaching pins' in it, but this one is looking pretty run down with no pins. Time to head back. Now I'm getting worried: got to get Jonathan before 11:00, lots of up hill and it's starting to rain.

No problem! Get back just as Jonathan is finishing. We head off and I tell him to go find the cache in the cemetary. It's in an pretty cool spot. He found it, then we set off to find a cache at a rest area on Rt 20. We've driven by this spot a zillion times and I always wondered if the cache was there. Jonathan found it.

What a great time!

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