Wednesday, March 09, 2016

Movie Review: Deadpool

I guess R rated moves aren't what they were :-)  Yup, a little too much R for me with the sex and language.  Let's set that aside for a minute.  After watching the previews, I thought it would be a funny movie with a unique take on the whole super hero genre, something different and fresh.  I mean, the previews were a riot - pretty funny!  Well, it turns out most of the funny stuff was in the previews.  I was pretty underwhelmed and disappointed.  Jokes were too predictable and the opportunities were wasted.  The interaction with the blind old lady for example could have worked better.  Wade/Deadpool's character tried too hard and acted too juvenile with lots of potty jokes.  The X-Men that joined the show were also lame and really didn't add much.  The rating of 8.5 at IMDB is way, way too high.  What's really sad is that directors and producers see the loads of money it made and the rating and are thinking they have to do the R thing too.  Deadpool could really kill the genra. 

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