Friday, April 13, 2007


Ever notice that when you start something new, it just doesn't feel right? Not sure which way to go. Not sure if it's right. Waste of time? Someone's already done this, right? Confussion.


What's interesting is that the mess of exploration looks/feels a lot like the mess of failure and maybe that's why we give up on new ideas. We get the two confussed. And that failure word, got to be careful with that one too.

Once watched a manager almost end the career of an employee because they were trying to do something new, take a new approach to a problem. Interesting how both people saw failure differently. One saw the need for punishment and the other walked away with lessons. Who succeeded here?

So the next time you feel 'mess', remember, it's not the path to bad stuff. Any way it works out, it'll be good!...

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