Saturday, December 10, 2005

Osceola 10K 12/10/05

Last year I died in this race - freestyle cross country ski race. No rifle. No stops for shooting. Lots of hills. This race attracks lots of high school ski teams and the masters class also has lots to top skiers. Last year this race took me about 52 minutes to finish. My goal this year was simply to beat that time and to work on technique. My problem is that I ski too much from the center, I don't shift my weight enough over the glid ski. Joshua, David and Jonathan also came with Joshua racing in the 5K race. It was a beautiful day with tons of snow in the trees. The base was strange: layer of snow, layer of ice, then a layer of snow. Stick a ski pole in the wrong spot and it would sink about a foot!

What's fun about this race is that the prizes are pies. No chance I would place, but Joshua did place in his category! He was suprized when they called him up to the table to pick a pie.

Wasn't happy with my race: was on 49 minutes and didn't feel the technique coming together.

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